Dedicate yourself and your work to something bigger.

Your drive pushes you to conquer obstacles and make intellectual discoveries. Your thoughtful determination resolves conflicts and brings people together. It’s what Grinnellians do. That’s why here, you’ll find the freedom to explore issues of purpose, responsibility, and justice, in a safe and supportive environment. And after graduation, you’ll find out how far your dedication will take you.

A Legacy of Activism

Join a long line of active, thoughtful citizens.

We’re known for our strong tradition of social responsibility and our commitment to justice for everyone. As Grinnellians, it’s something we strive to live every day. You’ll build on this legacy of more than 170 years, and we’re excited to see how your voice will shape our story. So tune in to what’s going on. Stand up for what matters to you.

GSP students collect samples in creek
Student throws coin into wishing pot while in China

Experiential Learning

Learn out in the field, on the stage, or beyond the horizon.

At Grinnell, being committed to an idea means more than just discussing it at length (although we do that too). You’ll get out into the places where the issues affect actual people. And whether it’s taking on off-campus study and global learning opportunities, volunteering right here in the Grinnell area, or spending time in the 365-acre Conard Environmental Research Area (CERA) that’s just 20 minutes from campus, here you’ll immerse yourself in real experiences and put theory to practice.

Student Body and Leadership

Spark a conversation or lead the charge.

You get involved and give back in the communities you call home. You thoughtfully consider how your actions affect your peers, the nation, and the world. That’s why here we see you not only as a Grinnellian, but also as an adult. You’re fully capable of holding yourself and others accountable. This might mean initiating a dialogue on difficult issues. Or speaking up about how resources are allocated on campus. Here we all learn how to state our case, disagree respectfully, and truly understand the opinions of others. It’s how you’ll move your own personal growth forward, as well as improve the community.

Two students hold up a shelf and sculpture for an exhibit

Care to contribute.

You pride yourself on connecting, and seeing what’s really going on around you. This vision shapes how you understand the present, and also what lies ahead.



Build a career of purpose, founded on the values that matter to you.

Career Forward



Stand up for your beliefs and step up when something needs done.

Social Responsibility and Service

Student talks with others at their internship

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We realize that we need to make decisions without supervision, and we must hold ourselves accountable when things go wrong. Seeing my fellow Grinnellians take on responsibilities despite many challenges, I have come to fully understand what we are capable of doing and that we can initiate change not only on our campus, but also in our world as a whole.

Yoli Martin '20